Bought School Lunches

School lunches can be ordered from Arkwrights before school and they will be delivered to school at lunchtimes by the senior pupils who are sent over to collect them just before 12:30.  As we promote healthy eating, Wednesday is the only day you can order vat food from the shop eg fish and chips. 

Tuesdays are Subway lunches day. Forms for filling in choices of subs are available in the office area. Pupils fill in the form and place correct money and the form in a used envelope and drop it into the bucket in the entrance foyer/office area. Subs are delivered back to school by "Subway" staff.  Cost $6.50                                             

Breads - White, Wheat, Tortilla Wrap

Meats - Salami, Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey, Vegetarian

Salad   -Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato,Capsicum, Onion, Cucumber

Sauce - BBQ, Mayo,Honey Mustard, Salt/Pepper

Biscuit - Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, M&M

Drink -  Mini Pump, Chocolate Milk, Keri Kids

Friday is school luch day when the PTA cook sausages . Costings of these items are sausages $2.00 each,  Drinks $2.00 

For further information call Taryn in the office on 789 7132