Frequently Asked Questions

Every student is expected to pay $15 show fees per annum. This money is used for the numerous school shows that are put on for the school. They are shows pre-approved by the ministry as having high quality educational value to schools. Many of them are very effective learning tools for the school and are used to enhance the learning of the children in class as well. The school tries to have 1 shows per term.


The school fees are on a sliding scale so as to not be to large a burdon for families with more children at school.
1 Child is $30 total
2 Children are $40 total
3 or more children are $50 total

So two children need to pay a total of $70 - $30 show fees and $40 school fees.

We would encourage you to pay them as soon as possible but if they are something you struggle with you can arrange to pay them by installments . You may find it easier to pay your fees for next year near the end of the year so that you avoid some of the huge costs associated with back to school just after the huge outgoings associated with Christmas.

Please call at the school office and make an appointment or phone 789 7132 and ask to organise a suitable time.

We have decided that to make it simpler for everyone, we will have a permanent short lunch hour of 12:30 to 1:15pm This allows us to enjoy a less stressful luchtime as we noticed most of the troubles we had in the playground occured in the last 15 minutes of lunchtime.

It also means that we have a slightly earlier finish of 2:45pm everyday regardless of the weather.

School hours are as follows....

Please don't send your children to school before 8:00am as they may not be able to be adequately supervised.

08:55 School starts with normal classes

10:30 Teachers read to the children and they eat their playlunch and school's fruit.

10:40 Children released to play in the playground

11:00 Normal classes resume

12:30 Lunch eating time. Children are not released until 12:40 when they can play

13:15 Classes resume again

14:45 School ends and children are dismissed. Bus children are to remain in class.

15:00 Bus bell rings for the bus children to prepare to board their busses.

The ministry requires us to keep written records of absence excuses from parents for the roll returns. The ministry audits these from time to time and can take proceedings against a parent if it is deemed that a child is absent too frequently without justifiable cause.

An email or notification through the website red button "Report Absence" on the front page of the website is considered quite adequate. If you prefer you can still write a note.

Thanks for your help with these requirements. It makes our lives a lot easier too.