Book Lists and Fees

School stationery is available from the school office.

Packs are made up with all the books required for the year and the prices are at cost as supplied to school. Prices are very competitive and if parents want to avoid the big payments that usually occur in the early new year period they can purchase the books before Christmas in preparation for the new year.

Individual lists of books are are available from the office if you wish to find your own books elsewhere. The boxes are complete and have everything on the lists that are required for the year.

Pack costs:-

Room 1 $36.00 Miss Halsall
Room 3 $30.00 Mr Hart
Room 4 $36.00 Mr Adams
Room 5 $29.00 Mrs Shepherd
Room 7/8 $28.00 Mrs Forsyth/Mrs Fairweather
Room 9 $32.00 Mrs Rodger/Mrs Finnerty
Room 10 $38.00 Miss Sloan
Room 11 25.00 Miss Fulton
Room 12 $32.00 Mrs Clementson
Room 13 $25.00 Mr Herrick
Room 14 $29.00 Mrs Kite

Show fees are $25 per student for the year.

Term 1 ALL CHILDREN WILL NEED A SUNHAT for outside activities.